Myanmar ships white shrimp to China, Japan

Myanmar exports white shrimp (Van­namei), which gen­erates export earnings and has been successfully pro­duced in the fish ponds in Kawthoung, Myeik and Da­wei districts of the Taninthayi Region, to China and Japan, according to the Taninthayi Region Fisheries Department.


White shrimp farming was launched in the Tanin­thayi Region, and the de­mand from foreign countries for quality marine products due to the clean seawater is high. The maritime workers are also interested in white shrimp farming rather than capturing as they see a solid market.


“White shrimp farming has been operational in the Taninthayi Region only for five years. It obtains certain achievements. There might be a huge investment amount where the profit is significant. If we do something wrong in livestock breeding, the losses are huge. Since early this year, marine entrepreneurs have faced losses and become in­terested in white shrimp farm­ing. Some started operating white shrimp farming. Some also applied for land plots to develop as shrimp ponds. De­mands for Myanmar’s white shrimp from China and Ja­pan are currently the highest. But the demand from China has fallen recently. Foreign countries prefer Myanmar’s white shrimps for its quality due to the clean seawater. The entrepreneurs are also ready to breed as much as possible,” said department secretary U Thet Soe.



The entrepreneurs show interest in saltwater shrimp farming that guarantees mar­ket and income, whereas the fish resources become rare, the transportation charges are high, and the market is unsta­ble. The foreign purchasers visit the farming ponds. The Ministry of Agriculture, Live­stock and Irrigation signed a MoU with the Chinese officials. The agreement will benefit cap­tured shrimp and seawater shrimp exports and improve the country’s GDP.


There are 18 shrimp breed­ing ponds on 124.62 acres of land in Kawthoung District, operated by Grand Adman Co Ltd, 105 ponds on 832 acres of land by Pyae Phyo Tun Company in Kyunsu Township of Myeik Dis­trict, 53 ponds on 531.05 acres of land by Khine Zin Yaw Company (Masanpa), 25 ponds on 299.77 acres of land by Shwe Kan Maw Company in Pulaw Township, eight ponds on 40acres of land by The Best Myanmar Co Ltd in Yephyu Township of Dawei District, totalling 209 ponds on 1827.44 acres of lands.


Two to four million shrimps are bred in a 2.5-acre wide and six-foot deep pond for saltwater shrimp farming. There is also a reservoir and disinfectant pond. One hundred acres can produce 40 per cent. The larvae of white shrimp are imported from Thailand, and they are marketable after four months of breeding. An export company earns over US$10 million from saltwater shrimp exports. An increase in breeding compa­nies can lead to a rise in export earnings. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/ KTZH