Myanmar women’s traditional clothing boasts of impressive beauty

July 07

Myanmar boasts of its cultures and traditions. The country had existed as an independent and sovereign country under our own Kings. Therefore, Myanmar people want to preserve and protect their own traditional cultures without any inspiration from others cultures.

Myanmar women are one of these people. Young Myanmar girls wear the traditional dresses —Yin Bone and Longyi like ancient Myanmar women during special occasions or events by obeying the words of their parents. However, there are still some girls who wear skirts, short and long trousers to destroy the Myanmar traditional cultures.

Being the next generations of the country, Myanmar girls should wear the proper costumes in line with the Dhamma for living in the Buddhist country. If so, the foreigners can know them as Myanmar girls for their traditional clothing. Myanmar girls conserve the traditional culture by wearing Yin Bone and longyi. Myanmar girls are naturally peaceful, gentle, and stay calm.

Therefore, the artists should draw the portrait of the beauty of Myanmar women in their traditional costumes not to lose Myanma cultural heritages as they can be defined as picturesque paintings.

The traditional dress is a must code for all Myanmar women and they should wear fashionable and eye-catching ones to conserve the Myanmar cultural heritages by adhering to the social virtue – Hiri and Ottappa (shame and fear of sinning).—Zeya Htet (Minbu)/GNLM