Nearly 5,000 acres of black sesame grown with GAP system in Aunglan

23 June


NEARLY  5,000  acres  of  black  sesame, in high demand by Ja-pan and China, were grown us-ing the GAP system in Aunglan Township this year, according to the Agricultural Department.


Last  year,  Aunglan  Town-ship  planted only 1,500 acres of black sesame with the GAP sys-tem. “The black sesame grown with  GAP  can  be  sold  for  Ks  10,  000  more  per  basket  than  ordinary  sesame.  Additionally,  growing  with  the  GAP  system  can produce more sesame. Last year, only 10 local villagers grew sesame  with  GAP.  However,  more than 20 local farmers are growing sesame with GAP this year,” said a local farmer from Aunglan Township.


Last year, six villages from Aunglan  Township  grew  1,500  acres of sesame with the GAP system.  This  year,  more  than  1,000 local farmers from 34 villages  grew  nearly  5,000  acres  of black sesame with the GAP system, according to the Town-ship Agricultural Department. 


With  continuous  rain  in  Aunglan Township, local farm-ers are worried about their ses-ame plants being damaged by rain. — Aye Cho (Translated by Hay Mar)