'Netflix Korea' files to appeal National Tax Service's request to pay $72 million USD in unpaid taxes

June 16

On June 16, 'Netflix Korea' issued an official statement after the Republic of Korea's National Tax Service released the business's tax audit results.

Back on June 15, it was reported that the National Tax Service ordered 'Netflix Korea' to pay approximately 80 billion KRW (~ $72 million USD) in unpaid taxes after completing its audit. The fees allegedly also included penalties charged against the business for its refusal to submit required documents for auditing.

Now, 'Netflix Korea' has decided to respond to the reports with, "'Netflix' underwent the National Tax Service's audit diligently. We plan on submitting an appeal in order to reinvestigate the Service's report through additional legal proceedings."

Furthermore, 'Netflix Korea' went on to pledge an amount of 550 billion KRW (~ $500 million USD) in investments toward more original Korean content this year.