New Year greetings from SAC Member U Wunna Maung Lwin

April 18


I am especially happy and honoured and grateful to have the opportunity to speak to you on the occasion of the transition from 1384 to 1385 in the Myanmar Era.


Thingyan New Year is a special and memorable occasion for all Myanmar citizens, ethnic people, and monks.


According to Myanmar tradition and the tradition of Buddhism, the impurities of the old year are washed away with clean water on the occasion of the transition from the old year to the new year.


The new year is also the time of the Thingyan festival, which is the time to resolve to be full of energy and to do good things with new energy.


At this time, Buddhist monks and Buddhists have been doing good deeds for their vicious cycle for many years in Myanmar’s history.


It is also a great festival with a good history and tradition where all the people of the country pay their respects to the elderly, perform good deeds, and wash themselves with Thingyan water to welcome the new year.


At this festival, all citizens of our country and ethnic groups should welcome the new year with new vigour and a new spirit, making resolutions for the prosperity and development of the whole country for the good of their country and religion.


We must identify the experiences and lessons learned in the previous year, and in the new year, we will have a new spirit, and new energy, and work on nation-building and religious development issues.


This is an opportunity for Myanmar to become a modern country with peace and development.


Therefore, in order to fully achieve the five-point Roadmap and 12 objectives set by the State Administration Council, we all need to work hard and strive hard.


At this time, all the people of all stratas in Myanmar are welcoming the new year with new energy.


Students also have to attend a new class.


High school students will also have to go on to university education. Young people who have graduated from university are also going to enter the workplace.


It is also an occasion when employees in the workplace make efforts to progress step by step year after year.


Thus, we all have to work together to achieve the nation’s goals of promoting prosperity and the long-term stability of the country.


In order to do this, I would like to wish everyone that they will be able to work together and fully implement their goals.


At a time when the government is building a nation to stand tall in the world, maintain its independence and sovereignty, and stand with high dignity throughout the world, all the people of the country need to make special efforts.


While expressing my hope that they will be able to make efforts, I would like to welcome the new year with pride and extend greetings to all the people of the country. Thank you. —MNA/KZL