Onion prices stable despite low production in Minbu Township

December 13, 2021

The prices of onion are stable at K250 and K300 per viss despite the lower entry to wholesale centre in Minbu Township of Magway Region, according to Daw Lei, owner of No (4) wholesale centre in Minbu.

The villagers from Yenangyoung, Sinbyukyun and Minbu townships sold the million viss of onion per day last year to the onion wholesale centre in Minbu township and there are only thousands of tonnes in late monsoon period of this year.

“According to the onion market of our township, we transport the stocks to Rakhine State most at K400 or K500 per viss and the retail prices are at only K800 and K900 per viss in the markets of Minbu Township. Therefore, the prices are not much high and they are stable despite the low demand and production rate,” U Thar Paw, onion merchant.

There are about 10 onion wholesale centres in Minbu Township. The buying price is K250/300 while the selling price at K400/500 and the wholesale price is K800/900 per viss, according to wholesale centres of Minbu Township.— Zayar Htet (Minbu)/GNLM