Onion prices surge in Yangon in post-Thingyan holiday

Most wholesale shops in Yan­gon reopened on 22 April after the Thingyan holiday.


Between 18 and 20 April, approximately 360,000 visses of onions from various cities and towns arrived in the Yangon market, with prices increasing.


On 22 April, a total of ap­proximately 200,000 visses of onions arrived, priced at K2,400 per viss for large-sized Seik­phyu.


On 12 April, before Thingyan, 30,000 visses of onions arrived, and the pric­es between 2 April and 12 April were Seikphyu K1,600- K2,000-K2,100-K2,100; Taung­dwin K1,600-K2,100-K2,100; and Myittha K2,300-K2,800- K3,000-K3,000 respectively.


On 18 April, the prices were Seikphyu and Taungdwin K1,600-K2,100-K2,100-K2,100; Myittha K2,300-K2,800- K3,000-K3,000; and on 20 April, Seikphyu K1,700-K2,200- K2,200-K2,300 and Myittha K2,800-K3,000-K3,000 respec­tively.


The prices surged on 22 April to K1,700-K2,300- K2,300-K2,400 for Seikphyu and Taungdwin; K2,500-K2,700- K2,900-K2,900 for Shwebo; K1,700-K2,350-K2,450-K2,500 for Myingyan; and K1,800-K2,300- K2,350-K2,350 for Pyawbwe respectively.


On 18 April, a total of 7,000 visses of onions entered the Pakokku market, with K1,500 per viss for Yaw and K1,875 for Pale. On 21 April, 130,000 visses arrived in the Pakokku market, with K1,950 for Yaw and K2,075 for Pale.


Previous price re­cords were K1,200-K1,450- K1,400-K1,250 per viss for Seikphyu and K1,500-K2,000- K2,100-K2,000 per viss for My­ittha on 22 April 2023 after last year’s Thingyan Festival.


Therefore, this year’s on­ion price is K1,000 per viss, which is higher than last year’s.


Based on the market situ­ations of 2022 and 2023, onion prices are expected to exceed K5,100 per viss in late 2024 if external demand is higher.


Onions are arriving in the market in large numbers after the Thingyan Festival, and pric­es in Yangon and other cities and towns are higher than in previous years. — TWA/TMT