Pigeon pea price plunges remarkably in five days

December 19


With the FOB price on a downward trajectory, the pigeon pea price was down by K110,000 per tonne in the domestic market.


Traders stressed that the pigeon pea price dropped to K3.04 million per tonne on 18 December from K3.15 million per tonne on 14 December.


Myanmar primarily exports black gram, green gram and pigeon peas to foreign markets. Black gram and pigeon peas are mostly conveyed to India, while green grams are shipped to China and Europe.


According to the Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar exported more than 1.06 million tonnes of various pulses, with an estimated value of over $895 million, to foreign countries in the past seven and half months during the 2023-2024 financial year beginning 1 April.


Myanmar’s pulses exports topped over US$1.47 billion from over 1.9 million tonnes in the past FY 2022-2023, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics indicated. — NN/EM