Plans underway to export Chin State local products to domestic markets

Officials are working to export and sell Chin State local yams and dried gayal meat to domestic and foreign markets.

According to the Chin State Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development has provided K516 million of State Economic Promotion Fund for the state.

As a state livestock industry, livestock operations are carried out, and for agriculture, yams, bananas and potatoes are mainly grown. These measures are being carried out by the State Economic Promotion Fund, and the loan submissions from the farmers’ side are K1.5 billion. They have been screened and K516 million have been supported.

An official from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development said that an agency has been opened to develop MSME businesses in the state and the cooperative is participating as a member.

The state has the largest amount of yam raw materials, and three basic cooperatives will be strengthened to produce finished products.

It is the largest breeder of cattle in the state, with more than 50,000 animals raised. Haka and Falam cities are the most breeding areas, and cooperative societies have been formed and plans are made to export dried gayal meat to foreign countries. — TWA/KZL