Preserve own culture, prevent alien culture, protect ourselves  

February 18, 2022

The month of Tabodwe in Myanmar colander is one of the significant months in the history of Buddhism. The month has been leaving memorable events concerning Buddhism and Myanmar culture in its history.

In Tabodwe, Buddhist people hold the bonfires on the platform of the pagodas and in front of the Buddha images as a tradition but it does not focus on any festivities. Setting the bonfires aims to give the heat from the fire to members of the Sangha against the cold season. So, well-wishers arrange the fire or stoves to the Buddhist months. Before the month of Tabodwe, local people searched Thanakha and other fragrant firewood to be set fire for members of the Sangha.

On the full moon day of Tabodwe, Buddhist people try hard to offer alms to the Buddha images as well as members of the Sangha. Their alms are made of glutinous rice. Such a meal is made as a snack using the early-harvested glutinous rice.

The snack named Htamane is made through the united strength of young people. Groups of young people make Htamane with earnest efforts. They show their united strength, compassion over each other and respect for the religion. They are satisfied with donating Htamane snacks dedicated to the Lord Buddha and members of the Sangha. Their efforts and unity in making Htamane reflect the nationalistic spirit of the Myanmar people.

Indeed, all the people residing in Myanmar together need to foster their own culture and traditions without exhortation of any others against penetration of alien culture. Everybody can ordinarily consider that their own strength and unity polish images of their respective lives. These acts do not bear any hostilities and assaults.

The yearly process of making Htamane snacks to be offered to the Buddha image as well as Buddhist monks in Myanmar’s traditional culture. Only when the people adore their own national culture will they have the spirit to develop and sustain the natural culture. It is an only example. More and more examples can be found in Myanmar’s traditional cultural arena.

As such, now is time for the people to preserve their own culture for existence as long as the country stands tall among the global countries. They need to seek the best ones from the globalization process but carefully set aside the measures not in conformity with the nature of Myanmar.