Prices of chilli pepper varieties decline in Yangon market

The prices of chilli pepper va­rieties declined to K12,500 and K12,000 per viss on 28 Janu­ary from K13,000/K13,500 per viss on 18 January, according to the dealers at Bayintnaung Commodity Wholesale Centre, Yangon.


Newly-harvested Thazi long chilli was priced at K13,500 per viss before declining to K11,000 per viss these days. Long red chilli from Salin region priced at K14,000 per viss in previous days is now K12,500 per viss.


Shan long chilli is priced at K9,500/K9,900 per viss in these days whereas Moehtaung chil­li from cold storage and Shan Moehtaung are set at K10,500/ K10,800 and K9,000 per viss re­spectively.


Prices of other chillies with­in these days are Sinphyukyun new bell pepper at K14,500/ K15,000 per viss, Chinese bell pepper at K17,000/K17,500 per viss, Zee bell pepper at K12,000 per viss and Thazi bell pepper at K11,000 per viss.


In the middle of January, prices of varieties of bell peppers were Sinphyukyun K18,000, Zee K13,000, Thazi K14,000, and Chi­nese K9,500 per viss respective­ly. Chillies from various towns and cities have arrived in the market despite less demand this month. Although there is rain in these days, the chilli crop culti­vations aren’t destroyed by the rain, some chilli growers from delta region told the Global New Light of Myanmar.


Ko Han, a chilli trader from Seinpan Street, said that most of the chilli traders faced loss in storing chilli stocks in 2023 due to various reasons. As such, the storage volume of chilli declines this year, rather than that of pre­vious year.


The chilli traders secured much profit in 2022 when the chilli prices skyrocketed with wholesale price for bell pepper at K31,000 per viss, long chilli K20,000, and Moehtaung chilli K20,000 per viss respectively. In 2023, the wholesale price for bell pepper was set at K23,000, Moe­htaung and long chilli K15,000 each per viss as the largest price.


Varieties of chilles from the delta are expected to enter Yan­gon market during Thingyan fes­tival period in April, according to the chilli market. — TWA/TMT