Prices of Chinese potato, Kyukok garlic, Shan garlic trend downwards in Yangon

The information from the Bayintnaung Wholesale Mar­ket in Yangon reported that Chinese potato prices have been declining, whereas Kyu­kok garlic and Shan garlic are also falling.


The prices of sandy Chi­nese old potato and red soil Chinese new potato on 23 De­cember in the Yangon mar­ket fell to K2,650 per viss and K2,350 per viss respectively, as the potato seller from Yetama Street at Bayintnaung Broker­age in Yangon Ko Thein Myint told The Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).


Although other commod­ities imported via the border trade route increase in price in the local market, perishable goods such as Chinese potato and Kyukok garlic are halted to increase prices.


The Kyukok garlic is priced at K11,200 these days, though it peaked at K17,000 on 3 November and on 26 October at K7,000-K7,800 per viss. The prices of Shan garlic in current days range between K15,000- 16,000-16,500-17,000 per viss. Therefore, it is observed that the price of Kyukok garlic is K6,000 lower than that of Shan garlic per viss.


The Shan garlic price on 4 December was running between K10,800-K11,500- K12,200-K12,700 per viss. Again, it peaked in the middle of December at K17,000 per viss. Despite the upsurge of the Shan garlic price, custom­ers discovered that the price was decreased to K15,500 per viss for the big-sized garlic on 19 December upon purchasing three visses in the retail mar­ket. However, the price has returned to stability these days again. A buyer at the Yetama garlic warehouse, Ko Thein Soe, reported the GLNM.


Despite the fluctuation of the commodity prices, the Bay­intnaung Wholesale Market is seen as less busy these days, with fewer purchasers and fewer cargo trucks, according to some traders at the market.


It has been only a month since the Sinphyukyun new potatoes and new Shan garlic into the market. The prices are forecasted to decline upon the arrival of new stocks into the market. It is also expected that the potato price will fall up to K2,000 per viss when entering the new stock in the market.


A housewife Daw Wah Wah said to the GLNM that the price of monsoon onion (new) will be falling. However, it is currently skyrocketing in the market since thousands of vises of monsoon onions (new) are arriving in the markets in other towns and cities. Hence, it’s also coming into the Yan­gon market soon. — TWA/ TMT