Rising demand from China pushes up watermelon prices

December 25, 2019

THE price of watermelons, one of Myanmar’s main fruit export items, rose in the second week of December because of rising demand from China, according to the Muse Fruit Commodity Association (MFCA).

“Now, the watermelon price is at a record high. Trucks carrying watermelons did not reach the Muse fruit market like they did last year. So, the demand has been higher. If local farmers grow more watermelons because of the price hike, the price could drop again,” said an official from the Muse Fruit Commodity Association.

The price of a 12-wheeled vehicle loaded with watermelons ranged from Yuan 8,000-10,000 in the months of October and November last year. Beginning from the last week of December, the price has ranged between Yuan 30,000 and 46,000 ( K6 million and K8 million), according to MFCA.

“If we can maintain the price of watermelons, it would benefit local fruit growers,” said the official from MFCA.

At present, around 160 watermelon trucks are arriving at the Muse fruit market from Taungoo, Meiktila, and Mandalay, he said.

Local farmers need to grow high-quality watermelons, which are among highly demanded fruits in China, he added.

Myanmar earned US$76.874 million from the export of watermelons to China in the 2016- 2017 financial year, $77.46 million in the 2017-2018FY, and $66.45 million in the 2018-2019FY, according to the Myanmar Melon Producers and Exporters Association. —Aye Cho