Rose price declines, order drops too

Price of rose, which is generally used for offering to Buddha, decoration at houses and shops and giving present, has plunged down, with just a few orders.


“It is the period that rose price usu­ally falls. The rose price usually gets high in the first half of February, even unavailable in the market on the eve of Valentines’ Day. Due to transportation difficulty, orders become fewer. Sellers are getting trouble because there is no one who would use rose as many as its yield,” said a rose grower and seller from PyinOoLwin township.


In early February, price of a 10-rose bunch mounted to K4,000 but declined to K1,500-K1,700 in April.

Rose price normally rises in Thad­ingyut and Chinese New Year and even the supply is short during these festive periods.


“I hope orders will increase back. And it is expected the price will be high again in a next couple of months,” said a rose grower and seller from PyinOoLwin.


At the Vegetable, Fruit and Horti­cultural Show, in commemoration of 75th Anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) Independ­ence Day, held in January 2023 at Myay Padethakyun in Yangon, rose was one of the most attracted flowers which were used for home decoration. — Thit Taw/ZS