Self-sufficiently produced edible oil sold in Mandalay market

U Soe Win Myint, an owner of the Soe Win Myint commodity depot, said that domestically produced edible oil is being produced and sold in the Mandalay market at low rates for consumers.


At present, in order to meet the people’s need for edible oil, locally produced crops are milled into oil and sold in the market. In so doing, a viss of peanut oil is being sold at K15,000, sesame oil at K14,000, sunflower oil at K14,000, mustard oil at K10,000, niger oil at K14,000, and soybean oil at K7,000.


“These days, all the oil mills in and around Mandalay operate, mill the produce into oil, and sell it in the market. Monsoon peanuts are in season too, and sesame produced in the central region is harvested and sold in the market. In addition to peanut and sesame, soybean, niger, sunflower, and mustard are being milled at the same time to produce oil,” he continued. Locally produced crops such as peanuts, sesame, sunflower, soybean, niger, and mustard are milled into oil and sold in the market to meet the needs of consumers. Domestically produced oil can be easily purchased anywhere in Myanmar, due to the good weather and great yield of oil crops this year. — Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/CT