Shwe Padauk fish market sees daily inflow of 250,000 viss of fishery products

August 08, 2022


Shwe Padauk Fish Market in Hline Township, Yangon Region, a distribution hub across the country, accumulates 200,000 viss of freshwater fishery products and 50,000 viss of saltwater fishery products per day.

Earlier, the daily sales volume was estimated at 300,000-500,000 viss. Amid low supply and decline in sales, about 250,000 viss of fishery products are circulated per day in the first week of August. High feedstuff cost, decline in reproduction, low profitability for freshwater fish farmers, declining number of small and medium sized farming businesses, exports of large fish to Thailand, inflow of small fish to the market and running fish landing facilities in Sittway and Dawei for Yangon market hiked up fish and shrimp prices in Yangon.

“The prices of fishery products have risen. Yangon Port generally sees unloading of small fish. It has been nearly one month that inflow of saltwater fish significantly dropped. Increasing feed prices forced small farming businesses to shut down and only large entrepreneurs can run the business for now. The department concerned and Market Development Committee are working on it together to keep trade flow amid supply and demand shocks. Extreme loss can result in suspension of fish depots,” said U Shin Saw, chair of Shwe Padauk Fish Market Development Committee.

The aquatic products are daily delivered to the mountain regions, border areas and upper Myanmar regions through Shwe Padauk and Sanpya fish markets in Yangon. Fish supply shortage, increase in livestock input cost and low demand can negatively affect those stakeholders engaged in supply chain, including general workers and entrepreneurs. Therefore, they all are trying to keep surviving in the long term.

Fifteen species of freshwater fish and prawns and seven species of seawater fish and prawns enter Shwe Padauk fish market. The prices stand at K40,000-50,000 per viss of hilsa, K30,000 for lobster, K20,000 for prawn, K8,000 for large sturgeon, K7,000 for small one, K4,500 for striped catfish, K3,000 for white pomfret,  K5,500 for catla fish, K4,500 for rohu, K27,000 for cuttlefish, K19,000 for squid, K18,000 for octopus, K3,000 for mackerel and K12,000 for Japanese threadfin bream.—Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM