Shwebo Pawsan rice price peaks at K7,600 per bag

July 27,2022


THE price of the Shwebo Pawsan rice variety hit a high of K76,000 per bag in the domestic mar­ket, according to the Wadan Rice Wholesale Centre.


On 1 July, the highest price was only K66,000 per bag, where­as it significantly rose to K76,000 per 108-pound bag on 26 July, showing an increase of K10,000 within 20 days.


On 1 July, high-quality Pawsan varieties produced in different regions were priced at K49,000 per bag at minimum and K53,000 per bag at maximum. On 26 July, the prices increased to K52,000-55,000 per bag, reflect­ing an increase of K2,000-K5,000 within 20 days.


Traders remarked that rice prices jumped tracking unhusked rice. The prices of unhusked rice are moving onwards on low inven­tory, moving between the range of K1,150,000 and K1,260,000 per 100-baskets.


The Myanmar Rice Feder­ation, the Myanmar Rice Indus­try Association, and traders and brokers engaged in the Wadan Rice Wholesale Centre are work­ing together and offering rice at reasonable prices to consumers in Yangon Region.


Each consumer can pur­chase one to five bags of some rice varieties at the Wadan Rice Wholesale Centre (contact num­ber 09421167474, 01218266-68) every day between 9 am and 3 pm in Lanmadaw Township. This scheme commenced on 14 Sep­tember last year. — NN/GNLM