Social Security Board’s Independence Day initiative: Field medical treatment for insured staff of ministries

In commemoration of the 76th An­niversary Independence Day, the Social Security Board under the Ministry of Labour is providing medical treatment for the minis­tries with a mobile medical unit.


From 2 to 15 January, medi­cal treatment are being provided to insured workers of the Min­istry of Transport and Commu­nications, Ministry of Informa­tion, Ministry of Electric Power, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Immigra­tion and Population, and Ministry of Labour. Additionally, medical treatment will be given in the industrial zones in Yangon and Bago regions.


The Social Security Board is implementing the social security project, and there are more than 1.2 million workers insured by it. There are three general hospi­tals owned by the Social Security Board, 96 township social securi­ty clinics, 60 departmental clinics, 54 contract clinics, 23 contract clinics for Specialist OG OPD, 12 contract hospitals/maternity clinics, and one traditional med­icine clinic to provide medical treatment to insured workers.


An insured worker who receives a monthly salary of K100,000 per month is required to pay two per cent of his or her salary (K2,000), and the employer has to pay three per cent (K3,000) for him or her.


The maximum salary is set at K300,000, and two per cent (K6,000) has to be paid by the employee, and three per cent (K9,000) has to be paid by the employer.


Depending on the monthly contribution, workers can enjoy benefits on sickness, maternity benefit, death benefit, temporary disability benefit due to work inju­ry, permanent disability benefit, and survivour benefit for death due to occupational hazards. — TWA/TKO