Streetlights to be powered by diesel generators while repairing power cables in Rakhine State

May 26


AS the power cables and substations were damaged by Cyclone Mocha, there are power outages in Sittway, Maungtaw and MraukU districts and several other townships in Rakhine State.


The Ministry of Electric Power will distribute electricity to streetlights from the highway bus terminal to the Meesetkyi roundabout, from the Meesetkyi roundabout to the clock tower, from the clock tower to the Biluma Creek Bridge and from the Biluma Creek Bridge to the Satyoekya Bridge along the Mayu Road by using 500 kVA diesel generator from 7 pm to 10 pm starting on 25 May.


In addition, telephones and lighting materials can be recharged at five charging points — the highway bus terminal, the Meesetkyi roundabout, the front of the state government office, the Cultural Museum and the head of the Biluma Creek Bridge. — MNA/MKKS