Surveys planned to conduct tourist destination research

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism will conduct data col­lection on tourist attractions, and research will be followed for the development of the tourism industry in those areas, said the ministry’s Permanent Secretary U Hlaing Oo.


Since last year, the conduc­tion of a survey on statistics re­lated to the tourism industry, about visitor stay, what visitors enjoy, and opportunities for the travel industry has begun with the support of the Lancang-Me­kong project, he said.


“Surveying has been start­ed since last year with the aid of China under the Lancang-Me­kong project. The survey cov­ered destinations where foreign­ers visited as well as popular destinations for local visitors such as Ngwehsaung, Chaung­tha, Ngapali, PyinOoLwin, Man­dalay and Bagan. We collected data, especially on destinations. Through surveying popular des­tinations for both local and for­eign visitors, we will continue to carry out research for the tourism development of those areas,” he said.


Besides, Myanmar has opportunities for implement­ing community-based tourism (CBT), and at the same time, SOPs have been developed, he said. The ministry will continue to develop procedures for job creation and business oppor­tunity when there is a common consent for SOPs, he added.


“There are many opportu­nities to implement CBTs in our country. Because the environ­ment of those destinations and the culture and customs of local ethnics have been displayed for the visitors. CBT means the con­servation of the environment and the culture of the tribes with the cooperation of local organ­izations like wards or villages, and job creation and means of livelihood will be developed at the same time. So, we have now developed SOPs to implement CBT, and we will continue to write procedures for job creation and business opportunities for residents after SOPs are set,” he said.


At present, the arrival of both foreign and local visitors has increased, and it is likely to develop more in 2024, said the permanent secretary. — MT/ZS