Governance of Ai

ChatGPT was released in Nov 22. It gathered a million users within a week. And 100 million within 2 months.
The Picture of Irrelevance
That iconic building in New York! It looks so peaceful! Created to make the world a more peaceful place. It has peace and security as two of the main pillars.
The EV Revolution
Today, electric vehicles (EVs) continue to evolve, with advancements in battery technology, charging infrastructure, and autonomous driving systems.
In Need of a Wolf Warrior
What do Jaishankar, Wang Yi and the latest Qin Gang have in common? They belong to the clan of what media termed as the wolf warriors.
Practising Screen-Free Days to Nurture Well-being in A Digital World
I am a heavy screen user. I wake up at about 3:30 am in the early morning and do my personal small things for about 15 minutes.
Fascinating Insights and Life-Saving Information
A stroke occurs when blood circulation is cut off in the brain—causing a medical emergency that warrants immediate attention. When blood doesn’t reach brain cells, they don’t get the oxygen and nutrients they need and begin to die within minutes.
The Burma Circle of the Geological Survey of India and their Contributions to the Geology of Myanmar
Thomas Henry Digges La Touche (1855-1938) following schooling in Shrewsbury was awarded a degree in Geology in 1880 under Professor Hughes at St. Johns College Cambridge.