Beware of dangers under the UV index on summer days

ABOUT three months of summer become a heavier burden for the people due to suffering from
Efficiently utilize the strengths of youths for the State
Youths possess the future life. Depending on their studies, observation, initiatives and good
Fourth Covid shot provides little benefit against Omicron infection: study

Preserve own culture, prevent alien culture, protect ourselves  
The month of Tabodwe in Myanmar colander is one of the significant months in the history of
Efficiently consume electricity without waste
The Ministry of Electricity and Energy manages generating electricity at various hydropower plants, natural gas
Strive for enhancing the border trade process
Border trade camps along the Myanmar-China borderline temporarily closed for the outbreak of COVID-19 resumed their
Take care of silence killer or chronic disease diabetes
MOST of the Myanmar people who cannot discard the traditional consumption style with rice are suffering from the