Trade with Philippines crosses $11 mln

7 July


MYANMAR-Philippines  trade  reached almost US$11.7 million in the month of April, up $6 mil-lion  from  the  year-ago  period,  according to the monthly trade report issued by the Ministry of Commerce.


As per the Ministry’s official statistics, exports topped $7.317 million  in  April,  while    imports  were pegged at $4.363 million. In April,  2018,  bilateral  trade  was  valued at nearly $5 million, with exports  of  over  $1  million  and  imports of about $4 million.


Between October and April in the current financial year, bi-lateral trade between Myanmar and the Philippines totalled $97 million, with exports of $68 mil-lion  and  imports  crossing  $29  million.


According to data from the Commerce  Ministry,  trade  be-tween  Myanmar  and  the  Phil-ippines,  one  of  Myanmar’s  re-gional trade partners, reached $52.432  million  in  the  2017-2018FY, a decrease of $4 million compared with the 2016-2017FY.


The   value   of   Myan-mar-Philippines  trade  stood  at  $28.998  million  in  the  2015-2016FY, $28.2 billion in the 2014-2015FY,  $33.353  million  in  the  2013-2014FY,  $44.012  million  in  the  2012-2013FY,  and  $48.959  million  in  the  2011-2012FY.—Swe Nyein


(Translated  by  Khaing  Thanda Lwin)