Value-added products using banana fibre to be produced in Kachin state

January 7


Kachin State Small-Scale Industries Department will provide the technology to produce value-added products such as personal goods using banana fibre, according to its department.


“We don’t need to throw away of the trunks and roots of banana leaves. They are all useful. These banana things can now be processed into high-quality souvenirs by painting and embroidering. In order to produce value-added products, if the business owners request technology to make this happen, we are ready to provide technical assistance at any time,” said U Aung Moung, the head of Kachin State Small-Scale Industries Department.


This banana fibre can be used to make high-value personal goods such as banana cotton, tablecloths, landscape painting, umbrella and various packaging.


There are about 100,000 acres of tissue-culture banana in Mohnyin, Bhamo and Myitkyina districts in Kachin State. It can also be created more job opportunities for locals. Due to the wide cultivation of tissue-culture bananas, the region’s GDP is increasing due to foreign income. — Phong Kan (Putao)/GNLM