Vehicle fire claims 5 lives in Pakistan's Punjab

June 8


Five people were killed when fire erupted in a car in Pakistan's eastern Punjab province on Wednesday, police said.


The accident happened in Hafizabad district as the driver lost control of the vehicle due to speeding while overtaking on the motorway, the police said.


The fire broke out when the fuel tank of the car exploded following the crash, engulfing the whole vehicle and burning all five people inside to death, the police added.


Rescue teams later recovered the bodies and handed them over to relatives.


Road accidents frequently happen in Pakistan due to poorly maintained roads, violation of road safety rules, and reckless driving.


According to motorway police, a total of 67 percent of the road accidents in Pakistan are caused by human errors, 28 percent by poor infrastructure and deteriorating conditions of roads, and 5 percent by unfit vehicles.