Video message sent by State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing to 21st Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference and Symposium

December 09


Esteemed officials, guests, Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners and relevant professionals to today’s 21st Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference and Symposium,


Since the year 2000, in the cool season like this, yearly Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners conference and symposium have been held and reached up to this 21st conference and symposium with happy and friendly participation, exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences among the practitioners and relevant professionals.


Following the tradition of yearly participation without fail by generations of practitioners, most of them throughout the country will participate and discuss the all-round development of Myanmar’s traditional medicine sector this year too. I would like to greet all of you and I wish all of you to be in both physical and mental well-being.


Since Myanmar dynasties such as Tagaung, Sri Ksetra, Bagan, Inwa, Pinya and Konbaung, Myanmar traditional medicine has developed. It is trustfully utilized by all Myanmar native generations including all ethnic groups. Myanmar people relying on Myanmar traditional medicine had good health and longevity so that they could protect their own nation. Myanmar’s traditional medicine is composed of four kinds of Naya and it is very compatible with Myanmar’s environmental conditions. Unlike medicines from other countries, it has a long history as a competent medicine with a reputation.


Esteemed traditional medicine practitioners and attendees,


I am very happy to see such a symbol of unity among traditional medicine practitioners. Unity is a great strength for any organization. I believe that Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners are people who value unity. In fact, those practitioners are the people who possess professional skills that are both meritorious and rewarding. They are the professionals the country can be proud of and rely on and are also dependable persons. Myanmar’s traditional medicine physicians are respected for being the individuals who have inherited and preserved Myanmar’s traditional medicine, which is a key part of the heritage passed down from generation to generation by our ancestors.


At this year’s conference, Myanmar traditional practitioners and delegates of the conference aim to achieve all-round development in Myanmar’s traditional medicine sector and quality development of Myanmar Traditional Medicine, to raise the quality and moral dignity of Myanmar’s traditional practitioners, to further develop Myanmar’s traditional medicine, and traditional medicine production technologies, to cooperate with related professionals experts and organizations at home and abroad. With good discussions, consultations and intentions, I believe that the conference and symposium will produce fruitful results. In addition, the experiences of Myanmar’s Traditional Medicine therapies and academic ideas will be exchanged so it is a precious and noble traditional medicine heritage from senior professionals and their successors leading to brighter future for these successors.


Nowadays, western-style medicine has been developing, however, it can be seen that those people in different countries of the world still rely on their natural traditional medicines and use them for treatment.


The State Administration Council is aiming at the health and fitness of the entire nation and is setting up a forward process to carry out the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic prevention activities with momentum and effectiveness.


Now, the Covid-19 pandemic in the world is still existing. The disease will not be eliminated in a short period of time and the genetic variants of the virus are always changing. Therefore, attempts are being made to produce traditional medicines internationally as well as in Myanmar for prevention and treatment against Covid-19.


I’d like to praise officials and all ethnic national people for their efforts to eliminate the disease in a short period of time although the country suffered from the severe infection of the pandemic, while the government is placing an emphasis to arrange prevention and treatment against the pandemic.


To produce traditional medicines that can prevent and treat Covid-19 and seasonal flu, the research is being done on Vi-tha-ma fever medicine which was mentioned in the treatise of traditional medicine of Ma-dha-wa-ni-dan and the main content is bitter traditional medicine, Say-Khar-Gyi. Firstly, the quality tests were done. The tests were followed by immediate and short-term toxicological tests ensuring its safety and efficacy in human subjects. And the clinical trials are done in healthy voluntary human subjects followed by clinical trials on Covid-19 patients with normal signs and symptoms. These successful clinical trial outputs will be followed by the production of this traditional medicine soon. In addition, the standard operating procedures and guidelines for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 are being established for traditional medicine practitioners. Moreover, guidelines were adopted for the prevention and treatment of those practitioners to fight against Covid-19. I’d like to urge all to strive for effective treatment of ethnic national brethren with the use of local traditional medicines.


Esteemed officials and traditional medicine practitioners,


Those are the historical records of Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners who took care of the health of the people with the use of traditional medicines in successive eras. Therefore, developing the standards of Myanmar traditional medicinal products in accordance with international standards will enable effective Myanmar traditional medicinal products to penetrate internationally, and all Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners have to work together in unity to carry out scientific research on Myanmar traditional medicine.


Subtle and profound Myanmar traditional medicine, traditional medicine treatises and remedies need to be organized systemically. Therefore, I would also like to further encourage that collective effort among Myanmar Traditional practitioners is needed to develop our Traditional Medicine as a national heritage medicine. In addition, it is necessary to preserve the traditional heritage of our traditional medicine as a national culture.


At this time, the Government is taking special measures to promote the development of traditional medicine in Myanmar, and Myanmar Traditional Medicine Council has been established. One of the many responsibilities of the council, I would like to emphasize the maintenance and discipline of traditional medical ethics for traditional medical professionals.


The Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference and Traditional Medicine Symposium play an important role in the all-round development of Myanmar Traditional Medicine. In this conference and symposium, the Ministry of Health, Department of Traditional Medicine, University of Traditional Medicine, professionals and representatives from related ministries, Myanmar Traditional Medicine Council, Myanmar Traditional Medicine Association, and representatives of traditional medicine practitioners from all over Myanmar, Traditional Medicine Advisory Group, Myanmar Traditional Medicine Manufacturers and Medical Equipment Entrepreneurs Association etc., will have good discussions and consultations leading to fruitful outcomes of the conference and symposium.


Therefore, in this 21st Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference and the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Symposium, delegates will be engaged in friendly, open discussions and consultations in unity, submitting proposals to provide more public health services through traditional medicine and I send this message in honour of the 21st Myanmar Traditional Medicine Practitioners Conference and Symposium.

Thank you all.