Visa exemption extended to diplomatic, special passport holders from four more countries

Myanmar expands visa-free entry to 24 nations, including four new additions.


Yangon International Airport an­nounced on 18 September that dip­lomatic passport holders and spe­cial passport holders from four additional foreign countries are now eligible for visa exemptions. Myanmar has officially granted visa-free entry to individuals holding diplo­matic or special passports from Belarus, Morocco, Nepal, and Japan.


This decision comes as part of a recip­rocal visa agreement between Myanmar and these nations, allowing diplomats and special passport holders to enjoy stays in the country ranging from 30 to 90 days, in accordance with specific country guidelines.


The Ministry of Immigration and Pop­ulation has reported that a total of 24 coun­tries, including nine ASEAN nations, now have mutual visa exemptions with Myanmar. Notably, this list includes four newly added countries: Belarus, Morocco, Nepal, and Ja­pan. Among the 24 nations are Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, South Korea, North Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and nine ASEAN member countries.


This expanded visa exemption scheme aims to foster stronger diplomatic ties and encourage increased tourism between My­anmar and these nations. — TWA/CT