Weekly market update at Bayintnaung wholesale centre

Between 23 and 29 March, the prices of palm oil, onion, garlic, mung bean and Khayan Shwewah (Hteiksa) saw prices decline while the rice prices are still on the rise at the Bayintnaung market of Yangon.




On 28 and 29 March, the market saw the entry of 570,000 visses of onion from various regions. The onion prices for small sizes are higher than the large size ones on 29 March in the Monywa onion market. On the same day, the wholesale prices of Seikphyu (Pinlay) were ranging K1,000-1,175- 1,150-1,050 while Myittha onion fetched K1,550-2,000-2,100- 1,900 and Monywa onion was priced at K950-1,050-1,000-800 depending on the qualities and sizes.


On 29 March, the Pakokku market saw an entry of 80,400 visses of onion and the Yawsa onion was priced at K850 per viss while K800 for Palesa and K800 for Monywa onion. There was an entry of 87,120 visses of onion on 29 March in the Myingyan market and the price of summer onion was between K500 and K1,000.



On 29 March, the Shan Aungban garlic wholesale prices were K3,000-3,200-3,400-3,600 per viss depending on the varieties and qualities, whereas Kyukok garlic fetched K4,200 per viss.




On 29 March, the wholesale prices of potatoes in the Yangon market moved in the range between K1,300 and 1,850 per viss depending on producing areas. The potato from Bhamo and Banbwe was priced at K1,800 per viss.


Chilli pepper


On 29 March, the wholesale prices of chilli peppers were K11,000/10,500 per viss for Panye and Myarni long chilli pepper, K11,500/12,000 per viss for Moehtaung, K12,000/12,500 per viss for Sinphyukyun and K13,500/14,000 per viss for Viet Nam chilli pepper.



 On 29 March, the prices stood at K5,500 per bag for summer rice grown under the intercropping system in the Yangon market while K58,000/61,000 per bag for summer rice (90 days), K65,000/67,000 per bag for monsoon rice (90days) and K65,000 per bag for new Pawsan rice. It was K71,000 for Pawsan rice from Bogale, K74,000 from Myaungmya and K90,000 from Shwebo.


Palm Oil

Between 28 and 2 April, the reference wholesale prices of palm oil in Yangon is K4,400 per viss and it drops about K130 per viss to the previous week.


There may be the entry of about K30,000 tonnes of palm oil before the long Thingyan holidays. The CIF price was only $1,008 per tonne. On 29 March, the price was K6,530 per viss in the Yangon market.



On 29 March, the black gram RC was priced at K2,060,000 per tonne and K2,325,000 per tonne of SQ/RC, K2,377,500 per tonne of pigeon pea, K3,750 per viss of mung bean (Khayan Shwewah Hteiksa) and K4,600- 4,800 per viss of chickpea.— TWA/KTZH