Worker return conditional on factory reopening in post-Thingyan

With some workers planning to quit their jobs and go abroad, it will not be known until the factories resume operations whether the majority of workers will return to their workplaces.


“Those who have good jobs with good salaries in my factory do not want to go abroad. I don’t know about other factories. It can be different. Going abroad is up to the individual,” said a factory owner.


Since there are precedents of illegal migrant workers get­ting into trouble, those wishing to go abroad should try the offi­cial route, he said.


“To go abroad, a work­er needs language skills, job skills, contacts, and other skills. Some attended Japanese lan­guage courses, took the exam, and officially went to Japan or other countries. We heard that some migrants who went there via close contacts have been in trouble. Some came back and got good jobs here. Because of the global village, people have been migrating,” he comment­ed.


Most of the factories in Yan­gon Region will be closed until 21 April, and some have arranged transport for the workers to and from their hometowns.


“Thingyan holidays will last until 21 April. They will reopen on Monday, 22 April. Some pros­perous factories have hired pri­vate cars and sent their workers to the places closest to their homes. They will also make the same arrangements for their return. Some didn’t go back to their towns and just stayed here,” he added. — MT/ZN