Workshop on Media Literacy to Address Disinformation held

Myanma Radio and Television under the Ministry of Informa­tion and Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Develop­ment-AIBD jointly organized a “Workshop on Media Literacy to Address Disinformation” in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.


Union Minister for Infor­mation U Maung Maung Ohn, Deputy Minister U Ye Tint, Per­manent Secretary U Myo Myint Maung, Directors-General and Managing Directors, Myanmar Press Council Chairman U Ohn Maung (Myinmu Maung Naing Moe), departmental officials, Joint Venture Broadcasters of MRTV and trainees.


The ceremony commenced with the screening of a video clip on the role of the State media in nation-building endeavours.


Speaking at the event, the Union minister said media and information literacy (MIL) is an essential mechanism to combat disinformation in this digital era. In Myanmar, the use of smart­phones has exploded since 2011. With poor digital literacy skills, Myanmar users are suscepti­ble to disinformation campaigns and other online dangers, par­ticularly young people, the most prevalent users.


Most of the journalists and the media in the developing world including Myanmar lack the capacity and know-how to understand or uncover disinfor­mation. When they do not pos­sess verification skills, either they succumb to wrong infor­mation or are late in doing the damage control. So, this Work­shop on Disinformation was held as a part of the Bali Declaration.


He continued that the ASE­AN Task Force on Countering Fake News is organized and the staff of the Ministry of Informa­tion and officials of relevant departments are participating in releasing the true news, re­viewing media regulations and existing media laws and also public awareness activities in­cluding media digital literacy in combating fake news and disin­formation.


Then, Programme Manager Ms Monica Phang of AIBD and Malaysian Speaker Associate Professor Dr Sara Chinnasamy, Political and Media Analyst of Universiti Teknologi MARA-Ui TM made greeting speeches respectively.


The workshop focused on topics including “Journalism Ob­jectivity and Values in Content”, “Targets of Lies, Rumours, and Hoaxes”, “Methods or Tools to Identify Disinformation and Exercise Judgment”, and “Jour­nalists’ Role in Changing the Public’s Perception of Disinfor­mation”.


The workshop will be held until 28 September. The MRTV of the Ministry of Information became a full member of AIBD on 29 July 1997 and actively participated in seminars, work­shops and webinars of AIBD. This is the 3rd workshop between Myanmar and AIBD. — MNA/ KTZH