Myawady border trade tops US$55 mln in August

The Myawady border between Myanmar and Thailand bagged more than US$55 million from cross-border trade in August.


The rain-triggered land­slides cut off Myawady road sec­tion near Dawna mountain and Tawnaw Waterfall on 7 August and disrupted trade process.


Under the continuous ef­forts of the Department of High­ways and the supervision of the Kayin State government, a bai­ley bridge was constructed on the landslide-hit road section.


Myawady-Kawkareik segment of Asian Highway reopened to a single lane from 15 August, allowing the six-wheel trucks to drive in the lane. Trucks loaded with export/import goods got road access.


Thanks to the reopening of the road, perishable goods such as green commodities namely onion, chili pepper and fisheries were sent to the Myawady bor­der without damage. The corn can be exported to Thailand in time under Form D Customs tariff.


Furthermore, importation of fertilizer, feedstuff, CMP raw materials and construction ma­terials went smoothly, accord­ing to the Myawady Trade Zone.


Myawady border witnessed exports worth US$15.219 million with 1,457 trucks and imports worth $40.023 million with 2,327 trucks in August, totalling $55.242 million with 3,784 trucks.


Myawady road plays a piv­otal role in Myanmar-Thailand border trade. It is also crucial for the goods flow for Kayin and Mon States. Thus, the authorities concerned made a concerted effort to resume the road, as per Myawady trade zone. — NN/EM