Local residents expect tourism recovery in Myeik Archipelago

THE local residents are looking forward to tract to tourism recovery in Myeik Archipelago, Taninthayi Region as the high season commences.


The suspension in local transport to Taninthayi Region by bus or by plane hinders local tourism in the region.


“There is a flight to Kawthoung city. The tourism companies submitted a report regarding a day trip plan to Taninthayi Region Government. The officials are taking COVID-19 prevntion measures at present. The tourism needs to kick off with the local visitors at first. We still cannot expect the tourists at the moment. The tourism companies can call upon the authorites to ease the restrictions if the local visitors ask for it,” said an official of Taninthayi Region Directorate of Hotels and Toruism. The transportation sector is paramount of importance to restart for the tourism recovery in Myeik Archipelago. “The resumption of flights and express bus service to Dawei and Myeik cities are required.


The transporation is crucial in tourism development. There is only chartered flight available for now. The COVID-19 cases have significantly dropped and the high season has come. The relevant departments need to forward this problem to the regional government,” said a tour agent. Also, there are tourism barriers including lack of infrastructure.


“The Community-based Tourism (CBT) has started in Donenyaunghmine village in Myeik city, where the visitors can study the culture, tradition, customs and living styles of Salon ethnic people and Kayin ethnic people. However, the lack of infrastructure for the arrival of vessels hindered tourism.


The government support and loan is vital of improtance for the tourism industry which was stopped in the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Airlines and highway bus lines play a pivotal role in transportation,” said an official of Myeik District Toruism Association.


The departments concerned will submit the needs and health protocols for travelling in order for the Myeik’s tourism to recover. The infection rate will be closely monitored as well.


“The tourism depends strongly on vaccination rate of the local residents. The vaccination program has covered over 50 per cent of the local population. The tourism recovery will undoubtfully bring about the job opportunities and the income for the local residents,” an official continued.


Myeik Archipelago has already attracted the attentions of local visitors and tourists. The tour companies received tons of inquiries about tour plan to Myeik islands. There were 42 tour companies who have been offering service to Myeik Islands.


Natthamee, Lay, Thameehla and Donenyaunghmine islands and Done waterfall are the tourist attractions of Myeik Archipelago. The toruists also eye the famous Smart Islands out of 800 islands in Myeik Archipelago as it has natural pebble beach and sandy beach. The travellers flocked to the Smart Islands during the holidays last three years.—Myint Oo (Myeik)/ GNLM