Let great expectation of poverty-affected people be alive

January 14,2022

POVERTY can be approached by basic needs for long term physical sufficiency. In this regard, the amount of income is one of the criteria for measuring poverty. 

Poverty or wealth is the challenge of human life. These are unavoidable for the people in the vicious circle. Everybody is facing any kind of vicious circle with physical or mental suffering. 

Everybody or every family wishes to have sufficiency for their lives. Actually, they all are struggling in poverty alleviation. The families in the poverty relegation zone are trying to adjust their income and expenditure on a daily basis. Without focusing on an escape from that relegation zone yet, they are solving the current problems to fulfil the basic needs of their families for regular operations. 

Nonetheless, everybody needs to observe various ways to overcome the chal¬lenges of poverty when they afford to escape from the vi¬cious circle. In this regard, the ways to alleviate pover¬ty are sustainable develop¬ment of economy, mitigation of unemployment, proper collection of tax, uplift of the interests of poor people, minimum wage of the coun¬try, benefits for low-income people and policies for less developed countries. 

Economic growth is a drive to increase the to¬tal income in the society which can create job oppor¬tunities for the people. The mitigation of employment can avoid the acts of low-in¬come and reliance on the State budget. As such, the government needs to prior¬itize the undeveloped areas for poverty alleviation with facilities of building infra¬structures and generating job opportunities. 

The government needs to review the levying of tax on high-income people be¬cause the income from tax¬ation can contribute much to the improvement of the life of poor people. Moreover, it is necessary to improve the benefit of social welfare in the social, education and health sectors for low-income people. 

A plan to increase the minimum wage is an effective way to fight poverty. Health and educational welfare is an important public service that can directly affect low-income families in the enhancement of skills and qualifications in order to have a high capacity in the future. 

Policies of developing countries need to turn out skilful workers, invest in the education and healthcare sectors. If so, the society formed with the majority of poverty-affected people will help improve the lives of all participant people with great expectations.