Beware of dangers under the UV index on summer days

April 28,200


ABOUT three months of summer become a heavier burden for the people due to suffering from overheating day by day. Hence, they all need to know the dangerous impacts of the UV index to avoid undesirable summer events.


Overheat of high temperature at noon and afternoon stretches all over the country under the sunray during the shiny days of summer, bearing ultraviolet ray which passes through the Ozone layer of the atmosphere to the world.


Depending on the UV index, anyone cannot suffer from danger despite moving under UV index 3 and sunray without any shelters such as hats and umbrellas. But, everybody needs to take care of the direct touching of UV index 6 to 9, especially to skin and eyes. Hence, they have to systematically wear umbrel­las, hats and ray-ban glass in addition to using skin-care lo­tions while moving under the sunray.


UV indexes 10 and 11+ may cause skin and eye prob­lems to people. Hence, at a time when the overheating of summer days bears UV in­dexes 10 and 11+, everybody should take shelter and avoid moving under the sunray. If they need to go outside, they have to use the necessary wear against the UV, according to the experts.


Those experts noted that the persons who suffered from long-term touching of UV would face eye problems such as cataract disease, skin diseases such as cancer, ripen­ing of old age before oldness, and declining immunity.


As such, young and old people need to take care of the dangers in the overhead days when they should prevent dehydration because they may suffer from tiredness, feeling motion sickness, and heatstroke. Especially children and older persons and the patients with hy­pertension, diabetes and heart diseases need to take shelter under proper temperature without too many moves.


The people should take care of their daily lifestyle in the sum­mer. They need to take a rest with good ventilation. They should drink enough water on a daily basis, avoid liquors and take an immediate bath after arrival from outside.


All the people need to notice the health awareness for dan­gers of UV index this summer on a daily basis. They have to apply knowledge on health awareness in overcoming the high dangerous UV days to look after their families to have a healthy life. They have to utilize the goodness of the sunray and avoid its dangers on Myanmar’s summer days.