Ywangan locals implement marketable soybean cultivation on manageable scale

June 3


THE growers in Yehla village of Myinkyadoe village-tract in Ywangan Township, are cultivating commercially valued soybean on a manageable scale.


As it is a lucrative crop, the growers are adding more acres. Earlier, the yield of the native soybean variety was low. At present, they are widely cultivating the highly-yielding Yezin 14 soybean variety which is a hybrid seed produced by the Agricultural Research Department.


A 90-day soybeans cultivation starts in June and ends in early October (in the pre-Thadingyut period).


About 6-8 Pyi (a pyi equals eight tins of condensed milk) are utilized per acre. The distance between plants is 2 feet. The locals use organic fertilizers such as soil compost and cattle manure. After 35-45 days, fertilizer treatment is made before the blossom of flowers. Although there is a pest threat, they can prevent it with the right amount of pesticide on time. The growers have to consider weather conditions, land type, seeds, pest control and systematic farming methods.


The soybean like pH of 5.5 and 6.6. It is highly yielded at 20 °C to 30 °C. A soybean plant can produce about 40-60 seed pods (a pod includes three seeds). The yield rate is 15-20 baskets per acre. It is worth K2,200-2,500 per viss (a viss equals 1.6 kilogrammes). The soybeans from Ywangan are delivered to the commodity centres in Aungban, said a grower. — Pyay Phyo Thant/GNLM