Export price of Seintalone mango to China plunges


June 14,2022


EXPORT prices of the Seintal­one mango to China dropped to about 130 yuan per 16-kilo­gramme basket at maximum and 60 yuan at minimum, said Sai Khin Maung from the Khwanyo fruit wholesale centre.


The price of Seintalone mangoes touched a high of 160 yuan per basket at the beginning of the season.


“Those Seintalone mangoes from Yaksawk, Pinphyit, Pin­daya, Taungtalone and Taungni Pa-O areas in southern Shan State fetched high price this year. The price hit the maximum of 160 yuan at the beginning of the harvest season. The price went down to the maximum rate of 130 yuan and the minimum of 60-70 yuan per basket,” he said.


At present, Seintalone from Katha and Htigyaing areas are increasingly flowing into the market. Yet, transport delays and weak points in handling per­ishable commodities make some mangoes spoil and rot faster. This way, the price plummeted, he elaborated.


Only a small volume of Shwehintha mango variety is left to be shipped for now. The price is around 100 yuan and below.


Additionally, China’s Sein­talone mango will enter the mar­ket in the last week of June. It is hard for Myanmar mango to ac­quire market share. Therefore, the traders are advised to ob­serve the market thoroughly be­fore shipment, Sai Khin Maung expressed his opinion. “Market share for Myanmar’s mango will shrink owing to the entry of Chi­na’s Seintalone mango at the end of June. Traders have to closely observe the market con­dition. Quality and weight eval­uate the price. If fresh mango meets quality criteria, they will be offered high price in China’s market,” he added.


Mango growers slashed ag­ricultural input costs and caused quality degradation during this mango season. Therefore, some mango had postharvest diseases such as stem-end rot and black spot in the fruit.


Consequently, Seintalone mango received a lower price in China due to poor quality, and some traders cannot cover the general cost.


Although there are about 200 mango varieties in Myan­mar, Seintalone, Shwehintha, Padamyar Ngamauk, Yinkwe and Machitsu varieties are pri­marily and grown. The foreign market prefers Seintalone va­rieties.


Ayeyawady Region possess­es the largest mango plantation acres, having about 46,000 acres. Bago Region is the second-larg­est producer with 43,000 acres and Mandalay has 29,000 acres of mango. There are over 24,000 acres in Kayin State, over 20,400 acres in Shan State and over 20,000 acres in Sagaing Region, according to the association. — NN/GNLM