Soft-shell crab business becomes brisk in Ayeyawady Region

June 14,2022

SOFT-SHELL crab business­es from Ayeyawady Region are doing a roaring trade on account of the robust foreign demand, said livestock busi­nesspersons.

The soft-shell crabs are shipped to China, Taipei, Ja­pan, Singapore, Malaysia and some European countries. The price stands at US$10-15 per kilogramme. The soft-shell crab culture has expanded to meet the market demand, according to the Ministry of Commerce.


Earlier, there were about 37 local businesspersons do­ing soft-shell crab farming. In May, the number of farmers increased to 55. There are about 20 to 30 workers in each farming lake.


A businessperson man­ages one to five crab farming lakes. The local consumption of soft-shell crabs is pretty low. The industry is mainly relying on foreign markets.


Over 600 tonnes of soft-shell crabs are exported to foreign markets every year. Moreover, Rakhine State Fish­eries Department is imple­menting research on soft-shell crab hatcheries like fish and shrimp culture. After 45 days of farming, the crabs are sent to processing and cold-storage plants in Thandwe, Rakhine State and Hlinethaya Industri­al Zone, Yangon Region when the crabs shed their shell. Then, they are shipped to ex­ternal markets in cold chain shipping. — KK/GNLM