Efficiently apply social media to escape from the lives of trafficked victims

September 19, 2022


Although the scientists aimed to benefit society through the creation of social media, it brings unprecedented many bad results to society with varieties of dangers. However, some information items mentioned that millions of people are using social media Facebook in Myanmar up to now.

Most Facebook users apply such social media with more than one account. So, they share information collected from various friend accounts with further friends in a short time. That is why an item of information which has not been approved or verified yet can spread to society. Similar ways of streamlining the information can be seen in other social media such as Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Telegram and so on.

Most Myanmar Facebook users are weak to verify information on social media and incapable of preventing possible dangers which may be triggered by Facebook. It is because they have lesser knowledge of digital online technology.

The outbreak of Covid-19 unintentionally pushed people to the social media arena as health restrictions were tightened in all parts of the cities. Those people spent their spare time on social media mostly on Facebook. As such, many numbers of them became the victims of hunters on social media. Especially, human traffickers search for young women as their victims via social media in order to exploit those women in the criminal cases of trafficking in persons.

The downtrend of businesses in the country during the high season of Covid-19 also drove young men and women to seek jobs abroad. Hence, human traffickers lure them with incentives of high salary amounts for their employment. Those who could not understand the tricks of human traffickers became the trafficked victims.

Local authorities in various parts of the country in cooperation with the Anti-human Trafficking Police Force under the Myanmar Police Force perform salvage of trafficked victims at home and abroad thanks to police and officials of neighbouring countries as well as Interpol. Those bodies save the lives of victims of human traffickers but some of the victims were willing to suffer from the bad impacts of human traffickers as their original lives were worse than the trafficked victims. Hence, they unavoidably chose lives with lesser dangers and suffering.

Whatever it may be, both government and people are now responsible for the suppression of trafficking in persons by combatting the human traffickers while searching for the victims to be able to rescue their lives not to fall under the trafficking in persons again.