Shoulder duty of fine arts for future generations

September 22, 2022

Technologies and materials are developing with momentum in the current world in which networks of social media play a crucial role in the concept of unlimited openness.
These networks are able to serve the interests of the education and health sectors while tarnishing the images of political, economic, security and social as well as cultural affairs of the country.
Especially, new generation youths are active with honesty and righteousness to taste creative and adventurous measures with too much keenness before shouldering the future of the nation. But, such social networks is penetrating the young people with extreme alien idea and behaviours under the disguise of fine arts which is not in conformity with the actual social nature of Myanmar.

Truly, fine arts are charming and subtle with the prowess of changing rudeness to politeness with influence over the souls of audiences. To be able to show off the excellent skills of youths in fine arts, officials and dutiful citizens are to organize the Myanmar Traditional Cultural Performing Arts Competitions in all aspects in accord with the guidance of the Head of State.
Maestros are invited to assess the presentation and participation of contestants in the 23rd performing arts competition to be able to choose the outstanding performers who would be able to serve the duty of fine arts to ensure the long-term existence of Myanmar’s performing arts.
Currently, regional and state-level performing arts competitions are being held to select outstanding contestants for the national-level competitions. This being so, these competitions are catching the attention of people young and old. It is satisfactory for staging the competitions.
In line with a social objective: To respect and promote the customs and traditions of all national people and preserve and safeguard their cultural heritage and national characteristics, preparatory tasks are being undertaken for organizing the competitions in time.

Indeed, the performing arts competitions are chances for a new generation, of amateur and professional performers to show off their skills in charming and subtle fine arts to the audiences. From then onward, they have to focus on the long-term existence of traditional culture and fine arts of all ethnic people.