Myanmar conducts cross-border trade with 3,927 trucks via Muse border on 1-27 Nov

Muse border post saw the bi­lateral cross-border trade be­tween Myanmar and China with 3,927 trucks, according to the Ministry of Commerce’s data.


Myanmar carried out ex­ports with 2,618 trucks and imports with 1,259 trucks on 1 and 27 November through the Muse border.


Export/import online li­censing can be made through Myanmar Tradenet 2.0 portal or exporters and importers can seek licences in person at the border posts.


On 27 November, an import licence worth 0.009 million Yuan for consumer goods was issued. In the past 27 days, three export licences and 507 import licenc­es were issued.


The major export items were various beans and puls­es, rice and broken rice, corn and tragacanth gum (locally called Saekalamat), while construction materials, electrical devices, equipment, motorcycle parts, tangerine, clothes and consumer goods were imported into the coun­try.


China grants Form E (China-ASEAN Free Trade Certificate of Origin) tax re­lief for some of Myanmar’s import items.


On 27 November, 13 Form E certificates were granted for crab, eel, tragacanth, broken rice, and zinc ingot. A total of 481 Form E certif­icates were issued from 1 to 27 November 2022.


On 27 November, 136 trucks loaded with export goods and 45 carrying im­port goods were witnessed on the Muse border. These days, exports of rice, broken rice, pulses, corn, rubber, watermelon and muskmelon are being exported so export trucks outnumber import trucks.


Tr a n s a c t ions for cross-border trade are done in Yuan and dollars. Bean, corn, sesame and peanuts are allowed to make payments in Yuan as well as dollars. For transactions of rice, broken rice, agricultural products and fisheries products (eel, crab) are available in Yuan payment.

The prices stood at 5,000-5,500 Yuan per tonne of green gram in Ruili city, 2,250-2,300 Yuan per tonne of corn, 8,500-10,500 Yuan per tonne of black sesame, 9,000- 10,000 Yuan per tonne of white sesame, 9,000-9,500 Yuan per tonne of peanut, 2,160 Yuan per tonne of Aemahta rice (25 per cent broken), 2,400 Yuan per tonne of broken rice (A 1-2) and 10,000-10,300 Yuan per tonne of rubber (RSS-3). – TWA/GNLM