Equity market continues downtick in Nov

December 07


The stock trading values by seven listed companies on the YSX were estimated at over K558 million with 103,292 shares traded in November, the Yangon Stock Exchange’s monthly price data indicated.


The trading values continued to drop in October and November compared to September’s record figure.


Trading of 61,435 shares valued at K282 million was recorded on the exchange in January 2022 and the trading volume rose to 80,291 shares in February, with an estimated value of K414.9 million. A total of 52,408 shares with an estimated value of K233.634 million were traded on the exchange in March. The trading value slightly rose to K276 million with 53,059 shares traded on the exchange in April. The equity market saw K314 million with 55,024 shares traded in May, K200.63 million with 40,062 shares in June, K246.9 million with 72,843 shares and K370 million with 109,809 shares in August. The highest trading with 347,597 shares worth K1.624 billion was recorded in September. Then, the market witnessed a downtick in trading with 143,034 shares worth K687.12 million in October, according to the monthly report of the YSX.


At present, shares of seven listed companies — First Myanmar Investment (FMI), Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH), Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB), First Private Bank (FPB), TMH Telecom Public Co Ltd (TMH), the Ever Flow River Group Public Co Ltd (EFR) and Amata Holding Public Co Ltd (AMATA) were traded in the equity market.


The securities saw a slight decline in share prices in November and the prices were closed at K9,000 for FMI, K3,300 for MTSH, K7,700 for MCB, K19,500 for FPB, K2,650 for TMH, K2,650 for EFR and K4,900 for AMATA respectively last month.


Additionally, YSX launched a pre-listing board (PLB) on 28 September 2020 to provide unlisted public companies with fund-raising opportunities and build a bridge toward listing on YSX.


Moreover, the YSX stock investment virtual series 2022 launched in December through the YSX YouTube channel and other social media platforms every weekend of December 2022, including three sessions; Insights talk with listed companies, Investment presentations by securities companies and Panel discussion with market experts.


Furthermore, block trading of YSX can be done with the minimum order quantity (10,000 stocks) or with the stocks of trading value of K30 million starting from 1 September 2022.


Next, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (SECM) has allowed foreigners to invest in the local equity market since 20 March 2020.


The YSX was launched four years ago to improve the private business sector. It disseminates rules and regulations regarding the stock exchange and knowledge of share trading through stock investment webinars and training courses.—KK