Mustard seed fetching higher prices marketable in Mandalay

April 24


After Thingyan period, the mustard seeds from Kachin State, northern Shan State, Kalay, Kalewa, Bhamo, Katha, Nawnghkio, Hsipaw and Kyaukme flowing into Mandalay fetch good prices, and the transactions are soaring in Mandalay market, according to Mandalay bean merchants.


Although the mustard seeds were priced at only K3,200 per viss in the same period of last year, it is now K5,100 per viss and the transactions are good, said U Soe Win Myint, owner of Soe Win Myint Wholesale Centre in Mandalay.


“The mustard seeds in the market after the Thingyan period fetch higher prices compared to the same period of last year. There are two kinds of mustards for consumption and oil production. The mustard for oil production is grown just in one season as winter crop. It starts growing in November and enters the market in January. It is a marketable crop. It is exported to India and Bangladesh yearly. Currently, there is demand from India. Therefore, the mustard farmers should expand sown acreage. It is more productive in hilly regions. The mustard for consumption can be grown in every region,” he said.


The edible crop, mustard is mainly grown in northern and southern Shan State, Kachin State, Kayah State and upper Sagaing Region, and the mustard sees from these regions are resold through Mandalay market. —Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/KTZH