MoI Union Minister views agriculture, livestock breeding in Ayeyawady Region

June 06


The government is implementing the activities for prosperity and food security of the nation as two national tasks.


With the aim of successfully implementing these tasks, Union Minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn and Ayeyawady Region Chief Minister U Tin Maung Win visited Wah Wah Win Agriculture and Livestock Company in Nyaungdon and Maubin townships of Ayeyawady Region on 4 June and viewed round the production and export processes.


First, Chairman of Wah Wah Win Agriculture and Livestock Company U Shwe Kyaing reported on rohu fish farming tasks, maintenance of fish farms, milk cow farms, production of milk and dairy products, natural fertilizers, fish sauce and fishery export to foreign markets.


Then, the Union Minister highlighted the guidance of the Prime Minister regarding the prosperity and food security of the nation and the role of the ministry in implementing the 12 Objectives of the country using supportive media ways.


He also added that agriculture and livestock breeding is a major business of the country and will support the development of these businesses through the media sector.


The Ayeyawady Region chief minister clarified the implementation of the agriculture and livestock breeding tasks and fishery export, which is being carried out in the region.


The Wah Wah Win Agriculture and Livestock Company is located in the Thaungzar village-tract, Htanee village-tract of Maubin Township and Kyunoo village-tract of Nyaungdon Township. The company cultivates about 100 acres of summer paddy yearly and there are over 7,000 acres of fish farming areas with about 15 million fish. Moreover, it breeds 438 cows including Holstein Friesian and Brahman and produces about 700 visses of milk a day. — MNA/KTZH