Construction of two-story school building of Yonebinkan Village completed by 50 percent

Salin 6 June

Completion of a two-story school building in Yonebinkan village Basic Education High School (Branch) in Salin Township, Magway Region was inspected by village administrator, head of the school and responsible people of the village on 5 June.

The school building which is 140 ft in length and 30 ft in width was built with K 163.800 million by tender winning company starting from 2022 and now, it has been completed by 50 percent. The officials urged the responsible people from the company to meet the set standard within the target date.

Upon completion, students from Makyihtue, Sitsehtae, Magyibin, Nyaungbinlaekyin and Yonebinkan will study their school lessons peacefully. This academic year, there has nine teachers and 104 students are studying their school lessons.

Township IPRD

Translated by Suyee