Thilawa SEZ introduces E-Lock system to enhance trade facilitation, counter illicit trade

The secured logistics with the E-Lock system commenced at Thilawa Special Economic Zone on 19 September, with a view to ensuring smooth trade flow, complying with the inter­national container shipping process, fighting illicit trade and increasing revenue.


The logistics surveillance system (E-Lock) launching cer­emony was held at the Thilawa SEZ, Yangon Region, on 19 Sep­tember to track the movements of cargo with box trucks.


Phase 1 of the E-Lock system will begin on the Yan­gon SEZ-Myawady route. Then, it will proceed to Yan­gon-Myawady, Mandalay-Muse and Yangon-Mandalay routes under Phase II. The successful e-lock system will contribute to the ASEAN Customs Transit system to facilitate the move­ment of goods across ASEAN borders.


The system will provide real-time monitoring of cargo movements, track and detect the activity and whereabouts of the trucks, ensure safe and secured logistics and smooth trade flow, combat illicit trade, raise the State’s revenue, min­imize cargo delays and reduce the loss risks of the goods and save certain fees.


Smart logistic tracking with an e-lock system is widely used in international countries including neighbouring China and Thailand. — Aung Myint/ KK