Shan United to take on Australian Club MacArthur today

Representing Myanmar, Shan United will play an open­ing match of the AFC Cup Championship at Thuwunna Stadium in Yangon today.


The Shan United team is competing in the AFC Cup for the fourth time and is trying to erase the bad results in the last three times.


The Shan team has been leading the table for a long time with an undefeated record in the domestic league competition, the MNL championship, and is in a good position to defend the championship, so they are also prepared to get good results in the AFC Cup competition where they represent Myanmar.


“This year, our team will compete in the domestic league as well as the AFC Cup, so we prepared better than last year. As well as recruiting new play­ers, four foreign players have also been recruited.


“The team we will face in the opening game of the group is not an ASEAN team, but an Australian club, so we will have to work harder. However, I am satisfied with the team’s posi­tion, so I believe that we will be able to get a good result. But we have played friendly matches and prepared.


“The hotel where we are staying has made sure that the players can fully focus on the tournament, including ac­commodation and food. As our team will represent the country, we will try our best to compete in each match, and we believe that we will be able to get good results. I would like to tell the fans to support Shan United unanimously,” said Shan United Vice-President U Htaik Khun Naung Myint. Shan United is the only team allowed to compete in the final round of the AFC Cup this season, and Yangon United won’t be allowed to compete in the final round as they failed to qualify. Today’s Shan United match will start at 6:30 pm My­anmar Standard Time. — Ko Nyi Lay/KZL