Black gram price hits fresh new peak despite stable price of pigeon pea

The black gram price hit a record high of K2.65 million per tonne although the pigeon pea price is quite stable in the domestic pulses market.

The price will fluctuate in October 2023. The price was registered only at K2.465 million per tonne on 3 October and touched a high of K2.65 million per tonne on 11 October, showing a ten-day sharp rise of K185,000 per tonne.

Meanwhile, the pigeon pea price remained unchanged at K4.075 million per tonne.

Robust demand by the main buyer India of Myanmar pulses pushed up the prices.

Myanmar’s various pulses export earnings were estimated at over $715 million from over 860,000 tonnes in the H1 of the current financial year 2023-2024 beginning 1 April.

Myanmar’s pulses exports earned over US$1.47 billion from over 1.9 million tonnes in the previous FY 2022-2023, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics indicated.

Myanmar primarily exports black gram, green gram and pigeon peas to foreign markets. Of them, black gram and pigeon peas are mostly shipped to India while green grams are exported to China and Europe.

Black grams which India primarily purchases are commonly found only in Myanmar, whereas pigeon peas, green grams and chickpeas are grown in African countries and Australia, Myanmar Pulses, Beans, Maize and Sesame Seeds Merchants Association. — NN/EM