India, France propose to buy Myanmar’s avocado this year

France offered to buy eight tonnes of Amara avocado variety while India proposed to purchase 1,000 tonnes of Hass avocado in the upcoming avocado season, said an official of Myanmar Avocado Producers and Exporters Association.


The harvest season for avocados of export quality will commence in early November. The association is endeavouring to meet the demands of those foreign countries.


“We receive purchase orders from global markets. However, we have weak infrastructure in warehouses and logistics for avocados. An avocado processing factory is under construction in Hopong City. We have received a purchase order for eight tonnes of Amara avocado from France and 1,000 tonnes of Hass avocado from India.


Nonetheless, the yield rate drops this year due to heavy rain. We might not meet export demand by India,” he elaborated.


Heavy rain in avocado season led to yield loss this year. Additionally, high input costs prompted the growers to foster low-input farming, resulting in low yield.


It is necessary to negotiate the price upon global market prices. The proposed price is K3.5 million per tonne. The outright purchase of avocado is K5,500 per kilo of Buccaneer Avocado. The retail price is approximately K7,000-8,000 per kilo in Yangon’s retail market. — Maung Aye Chan/EM