Paris transport ‘will not be ready’ for Olympics: mayor

In terms of transportation, there are still ongoing issues with dai­ly transport, and they have not yet attained the level of comfort and punctuality required for Parisians.


The transport system in Par­is will not be ready in time for the 2024 Olympic Games in the French capital, its mayor said, sparking anger Thursday from political opponents.


With less than a year before the event kicks off, the trans­port infrastructure in Paris is already under huge pressure, with commuters and tourists alike complaining of poor frequency, overcrowding and uncleanliness.


Speaking on the Quotidien talk show on TMC TV, Hidalgo said that while the Games infra­structure will be ready “there are two things for which we will not be ready” namely trans­port and also the problem of homelessness. On transport, “we still have problems in daily transport issues and we are still not reaching the comfort and punctuality needed for Pa­risians.”


“There are places where the transport will not be ready and there will not be enough trains.”


Political opponents lashed out at the Socialist mayor, who has been under pressure this month after it emerged she extended a low-key official trip to a French Pacific territory in October with a two-week pri­vate visit in the holiday para­dise. — AFP