Maungtaw border facilitates agri, fisheries, and industrial export products to Bangladesh

Myanmar primarily conveyed agricultural produce, fisheries and finished industrial goods to Bangladesh through the Maungtaw border, according to the Ministry of Commerce.


At present, the goods flow into the Maungtaw border through the Sittway-Buth­idaung-Maungtaw and Sit­tway-Angumaw-Maungtaw routes. Mostly, goods are de­livered to the border via the Sittway-Angumaw-Maungtaw route. Then, they are exported to Bangladesh via the Kany­inchaung Economic Zone.


Between 1 and 21 Novem­ber, Myanmar sent 38.25 tonnes of areca nuts worth $0.06 mil­lion, 27 tonnes of jengkol $0.008 million, 110 tonnes of fresh gin­ger $0.022 million, seven tonnes of mango $0.003 million, 101.3 tonnes of rohu $0.128 million, 45.5 tonnes of dried small fish $0.029 million, 46 tonnes of dried anchovy $0.017 million, 1.54 tonnes of Katla fish $0.002 million, 22 tonnes of preserved jujube pack $0.007 million, nine tonnes of Tun Shwe Wah oint­ment $0.005 million and 13 tonnes of Thanaka pack $0.007 million to Bangladesh via Maungtaw border. Maungtaw border sees no import then.


The export prices at Maungtaw border were $300 per tonne of jengkol, $200 per fresh ginger, $1,266 per tonne of rohu, $3,150 per tonne of dried anchovy, $630 per tonne of dried small fish, $330 per tonne of preserved jujube pack, $1,000 per tonne of areca nut, $500 per tonne of Tun Shwe Wah ointment, $500 per tonne of Thanaka pack, $420 per tonne of mango and $1,306 per tonne of Katla fish.


The cross-border trade value via Myanmar’s Maung­taw border with neighbouring Bangladesh was targeted to hit US$1.53 million in November, comprising exports worth $1.5 million and imports worth $0.03 million, yet the actual trade amounted to $0.286 million with exports only, reaching 18.69 per cent of trade target. — NN/EM